en route Touring


Synopsis : en route is a mobile event for pedestrians incorporating audio, mobile phone communication, urban streetscapes, walking, passers-by and cafes.

Art Form : multi-platform live art : outdoor, walking, audio headset, mobile phone

Using the technique of the ‘derive’ – informed and aware wandering with continuous observation – it invites participants on a journey, inward and outward, through the thoroughfares and back-alleys of both the city and what they make of it. Directions, instructions and audio – snatches of narrative, musings, sound, song, dialogue, philosophy – intertwine with the wanderings, observations and (found) experiences of the participant, opening up a field for multiple ways of seeing the city, themselves, and others. An experience in which the private and the public, imaginal and concrete, intersect and overlap.

Please view the video below. It reveals details within the show and includes captions that explain the mechanics of the work.

Please understand that this video is designed to help presenters understand what the show is and how it works. Specific details revealed here must be held back from audiences to enable them to have the full experience.

en route – melbourne

en route – Chicago was the subject of an Emmy Award-winning piece by local identity Geoffrey Baer.
It includes descriptions/explanations of the work by Suzanne Kersten and Julian Rickert.
The television piece was originally screened on the program WTTW (Window On The World).

en route – chicago