War Lounge

We wanted to make a show about war.
But it was obvious that we were entirely unqualified to comment on war.
… despite our desire to engage with it through our art.

War Lounge is a show about how unqualified we are to make a show about war.

Audience watch, lounge, engage or relax with a drink as the performers confess and present their private reservations and public interventions in an effort to come to grips with the conflict between their own (sometimes embarrassingly) mediated experience of war and the desire to respond.

What resulted was a collection of rooms:

  • a Slide & Popcorn show and “what would you like to tell me about your country” museum;
  • a parallel biography and poetry-for-horror deal;
  • Balloon Diplomacy, a foolhardy attempt to create a conversation between differing world-views.

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Creative Team

Created by: one step at a time like this – Suzanne Kersten, Clair Korobacz, Paul Moir and Julian Rickert

Set Design: Christina Logan-Bell
Presented by: Melbourne Fringe Festival 2008

Partners and Support