Pop Up (5 Reasons to Dance)

Collaborating with choreographer Stephanie Lake, Pop-Up was a series of flash-mob dances throughout Melbourne’s landmarks and laneways.

More than 130 participants of all ages and abilities wandered the city awaiting text messages that directed them to various locations where they ‘spontaneously’ arrived, danced, and disappeared back into the city.

As they wander through the city and from site to site, participants engage in ‘marking’ the city, which results in a ‘marked map’ of personal responses to places and buildings throughout the cbd.

Pop-Up was commissioned as part of the 2010 Melbourne International Arts Festival.

Performance History and Awards

Commissioned as part of the 2010 Melbourne International Arts Festival

Creative Team

Created by: one step at a time like this in collaboration with choreographer Stephanie Lake.

Thank you to all of the 130 participants, who made it happen.

Partners and Support