A visitation into a home. Into psyche. Into dreams. A live film experience. Viewed in bed. In the dark.

In the night, something enters the house. Like a dream. It moves through – or do you move through it? Absence hovers around the traces of what is left behind. The house becomes a stage. The domestic becomes estranged; the mundane, mysterious; the inanimate, alive.

Not a Zoom chat or face-to-camera performance, but a made-for-medium experience, exploring the eerie and the other-worldly embedded, hidden, within the comfort of your home environment. The familiar made strange by attention, by time, and by the sense of ‘being-ness’ of the objects.

To be watched in bed – in the dark – alone. . .


Performance History and Awards

Premiere: Melbourne Fringe Festival 2020
UK premiere: Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Zoo TV) 2021

Creative Team

Created by: one step at a time like this – Suzanne Kersten, Clair Korobacz, Julian Rickert

Produced by: Richard Jordan Productions and Chicago Shakespeare Theater in association with ZooTV
Filmed by: Takeshi Kondo and one step at a time like this

Partners and Support

Supported by Melbourne Fringe through the Cash for Creatives program