Immergence is a journey through high streets and backstreets of Torquay, UK, juxtaposing sites and perspectives of local young people with reminiscences by UK author Philip Hoare, who visited Torquay as a teenage tourist.

Accompanied by a mobile soundtrack, each audience member winds their way – via panoramas, laneways, carparks and seasides – through a Torquay seen through the eyes of local teens, offering surprising and unimagined perspectives on this classic seaside town.  

At the same time an exploration, a critique and a celebration: of Torquay… of reminiscence… of teenage-hood… of Bowie… of the glamour of this ‘English Riviera’…. leading audiences on an experiential and contemplative wander through Torquay, its history and its present, and how these all meet today.

Immergence is a commission by Situations (UK) as part of The Tale. Inspired by the ideas of writer and broadcaster Philip Hoare, The Tale is a journey of discovery from the coastal resort of Torquay, through Paignton and secret locations and across the bay to the fishing town of Brixham and beyond.

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Immergence, and the larger arts project of which it was a part (The Tale) was the subject of a research paper by University of Exeter. The following comments are drawn from participant interviews in that report.

Creative Team

Created by: one step at a time like this – Suzanne Kersten, Clair Korobacz, Julian Rickert, Sharon Thompson
Associate Artist: Sam Halmarack

Co-devised with Collaborators from Play Torbay: Annoshka Bradshaw, Hugh Malyon, Jade Willow Whatley, Lucas Bradshaw, Robin Evelyn, 21 Guns
Sound support : Dan Hobson
Media: Theo Wright

Partners and Support

Nina Bonnacci – Australian Producer