Forever Young

Where did that teenage idealism go? Those outrageous, brilliant, or just plain silly ideas you had of how the world could become a better place?

Go one-to-one with a reclining chair, a team of adolescent experts, and an outdoor foolhardy adventure. All there to probe the current pulse of your hopes and dreams, lost or found…

A teenage adventure for grown-ups.
A solo journey where you are never alone – always in the midst of a whirlwind of teen action, whirling you from place to place, throughout the city and through your memories, dreams, hopes and losses.

Part research, part rehabilitation and part playful tumble over our supposed wisdom, scars, cynicism and reckless dreaming. An encounter with your teenage self that you will never forget (no matter how hard you try).

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Performance History and Awards

UK premiere: Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015
Premiere: Clonmel Junction Festival, Ireland 2015

Creative Team

Created by: one step at a time like this with the junction joes, the youth ensemble of Clonmel Junction Festival: Chloe Barry, Aoife Brannigan, Riain Condon, Aoife Delany Reade, Aoibhín De Souza, Seán Hoare.

Producer: Richard Jordan
Producer: Kara Ward

Partners and Support

Commissioned & Presented by: Clonmel Junction Festival (Tipperary, Ireland) and Richard Jordan Productions.
Junction Joes travel funded through Arts Council Ireland.