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All The Ways Without You

All The Ways Without You is a site-specific work within a theatre building – audience journey throughout the building as it reveals environmental and cultural layers of the place on which that theatre stands.

The work opens up perspectives on the realities of the site, its histories, its cultural contexts, its bio-region, weaving a connection and relationality to the eco system they’re inhabiting as they move through the work and through time – present and past and future.

Simultaneously, four different audience groups are led through the theatre building, guided by audio, video and live elements which slowly accrete meaning-narratives while also awakening the audience’s awareness and sense of site. These disparate audience groups find themselves drawn together in and on the auditorium / stage throughout their journey.

Using the raw elements of the stage – lighting, sound, the movement of stage curtains, and a live stage presence – these ‘stage moments’ juxtapose the ‘non space’ of the empty stage with the reality of its place, its natural and constructed history, and its cultural contexts. Where are we? – what is this site that the theatre is sitting on top of, the species that used to inhabit this place? – what do we erase in order have a ‘blank slate’ upon which to create?  

Set inside, within a theatre, the work seeks to draw out our connection and relationality to the outside, to nature.

The company has undertaken developments at Project Arts Dublin, Darebin Arts Melbourne and Jersey Arts Centre in Jersey, with Irish creatives Aoife Delany-Reade and Riain Condon, creative producer Richard Jordan and lighting designer John Ford.

Development History

Dublin 2019: Development supported by Project Arts Centre
Melbourne 2022: Development supported by Darebin Arts Speakeasy
Jersey 2023: Development supported by Jersey Arts Centre

Partners and Support