In Progress

All The Ways Without You

In May 2019, in Dublin, we started on the creation a new work, Conversations With The Plague, with Project Arts Centre. With 2 emerging artists, one from rural Ireland, the other from regional Australia, we took Camus’ novel The Plague as a framework, in which the plague – and its denial and consequent human and non-human toll – would stand-in as a metaphor for climate deferral and denial. As it happened, our metaphor was overtaken by reality.

From here, now, it seems as though one plague is beginning to recede, while the other continues on unabated. And so we are continuing to develop the general thrust of the work, with a different framing. And a different name – All The Ways Without You.

It will now be an intergenerational show about what it is to be where we are and to be with who we are with.

We would like to restore a theatre to its context, its place, its bio region, to the species that used to inhabit the place it rests on, and the some that may still inhabit that place now, beside, underneath etc.

The company undertook a development in November 2021 to create and test a multi-channel audio streaming set-up, with sound designer Chris Wenn.

Performance History and Awards

Dublin: Development 2019 supported by Project Arts Centre
Melbourne: Development 2021 and 2022 supported by Darebin Arts Speakeasy

Partners and Support