Partners & Friends

one step… would like to thank the local independent musicians for contributing their talent and music to making our shows unique to their city.

Check them out!

Links to some artists we like or find just plain interesting

pvi collective
tactical media artworks

unreasonable adults
live art + sound/film

gob squad
performances, installations and weird happenings

blast theory
interactive media and performance

rimini protokoll
documentary or ‘reality trend’ performance

games and stories placing audience at the heart

wrights & sites
mis-guided tours, drifts, mythogeographic mapping

action hero
actions using audience as collaborators and contributors

reckless sleepers
mischievous, lyrical, perceptive witness to the times

ontroerend goed 
exploring the space between theatre & performance

immersive theatrical installation 

multidisciplinary performance between the real and what we believe is constructed

tim crouch
exploring conventions of audience and performance

volkmar klien
sound compositions, installations and interventions

Presenting Partners