2022 in review, 2023 plans

Hi there.

I hope everyone is staying as safe as you can do, in whatever way you think best. Just a brief update:

All The Ways Without You In August we ventured to Darebin Arts Centre for a development of our new work, All The Ways Without You. It’s in a theatre building, quite novel for us! Devising together with two young Irish theatre-makers, the development is a re-imagining of an earlier work in development, Conversations With The Plague, which – for obviously reasons – is no longer the metaphor for climate catastrophe that we originally imagined. A new conception is arising from those ashes, with the help of our Irish collaborators and audio designer Chris Wenn.

Noir Trail We have recently undertaken a couple of short developments of our current work, Noir Trail, at The Substation in Newport. This largely involved developing the indoor part of the show, with singer/performer Susan Bamford, and with lighting designer John Ford. All is coming together nicely, with a planned season in late 2023 and sometime in 2024.

64 Ways of Being Part 1 (Melbourne CBD) and Part 2 (Footscray) have been launched as part of our major commission, a collaboration with games researcher Dr. Troy Innocent and app development company Millipede.
Part 3 (Fitzroy) and Part 4 (St. Kilda) are nearing completion and will be launched in the first half of 2023.

As always, thank you for your interest in our work, and do take care of yourself and others, stay safe, stay connected. We really do hope that some day we will be able to bring one of our works to wherever you may be.

one step (Suzanne, Clair, Julian)