64Ways, en route, Interior, and more – 2021 in review

Hi there.

Well, that was 2021. And considering that we continued living through what became the world’s longest lock-down (apparently it’s true), we still managed to keep creating (as well as reading, researching and a lot of looking out of the window).

64 Ways of Being We finally launched part 1 (Melbourne CBD) of our major commission, a collaboration with games researcher Dr. Troy Innocent and app development company Millipede – with part 2 (Footscray & Maribrynong River) nearly completed for a March 2022 launch. Parts 3 and 4 will follow later this year.

en route – Singapore Somehow in the middle of all this a window of time and opportunity opened, and we spent nearly six weeks in Singapore creating and running en route for the Singapore International Festival of Arts. A big thanks to all the team involved, especially the presenter, stage-manager and the local team running the work – and Singapore itself.

Interior In August we streamed a season of our new experimental work Interior, with ZooTV as part of the 2021 Edinburgh Fringe. While inside Melbourne’s never-ending lockdowns, we decided that each of us – Suzanne, Clair and Julian – would create a ‘solo’ work, until we could all work together again in one place. Interior is the first of these released to the public. As you most likely know, we mostly create live and site-responsive works, so to make a ‘sort-of-live’ streaming film is something of an experiment for us.

All The Ways Without You In November we were finally released from lockdown and ventured to Darebin Arts Centre for a development of our new (in a theatre!) work, All The Ways Without You. The development was a re-imagining of an earlier work in development, Conversations With The Plague, which – for obviously reasons – is no longer the metaphor for climate catastrophe that we originally imagined. A new conception is arising, with the help of audio designer Chris Wenn.

As always, thank you for your interest in our work, and do take care of yourself and others, stay safe, stay connected. And hopefully some day we will be able to bring one of our works to wherever you may be.

one step (Suzanne, Clair, Julian)