one step at a time like this is a group of artists who create participatory, locative and site responsive works. Based in Melbourne, Australia, on Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung lands.

Employing an expanded notion of theatre, one step at a time like this create works that are place-responsive and subtly participatory. Our works blend the everyday world with live and digital elements, allowing the real world to enhance the virtual or fictional and vice versa. There are three main threads to our work: audience, place, and interconnectedness.

Audience: We have an abiding interest in the place and role of the audience, and we are often inventing ways to allow the activity of the audience – their actions, their feelings, their imagination – to emerge as an essential element in the work.

We often incorporate technology, but the digital is there always to support the live experience of the audience. We’re much more interested in contemplation and reflection rather than spectacle, or the technology in itself.

Place: Our work supports deep intimacies with place, forging a more personal relationship to public space – and also an intimacy with others and one’s self through place.

Interconnectedness: As audiences move through public and private places within our works, they are wound in – through walking, the physical journey – through time – through lingering in unknowing – through words and music and the details of the world itself – imperceptibly becoming creative agents in the journey, until they find themselves and that same ‘everyday’ world suddenly enriched, heightened, more.

one step at a time like this tour works nationally and internationally, as well as regularly creating works in our home town of Melbourne.

International presenters include Chicago Shakespeare Theater (USA), Sadler’s Wells Theatre (UK), Situations (UK), Culture Station Seoul (Korea), Oz Arts Nashville (USA), Singapore International Festival of Arts (Singapore) and London Olympic Cultural Games. We have presented works at a range of international festivals including Edinburgh, London, Seoul, Singapore, Auckland and Melbourne. Nationally we have created works for Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Launceston, Deniliquin and Bundanon, while in Melbourne have presented work with Arts House, Substation, Arts Centre Melbourne and others.


one step at a time like this is Suzanne Kersten, Clair Korobacz and Julian Rickert.

Paul Moir is the sleeping brother.

Associate Artist: Sharon Thompson


Richard Jordan Productions and Bureau of Works.